Cheap but Elegant Suggestions on Redecorating Your Holiday Apartment

Cheap but elegant suggestions on redecorating your holiday apartment

If you fancy a little entertainment for these coming holidays, you have probably already thought of getting yourself an apartment to rent in Vegas. If you planned ahead and started the search a few months back, chances are you got all the time in the World to make a proper decision but you are now struggling because you don’t like the style of the apartment. Apartments to rent aren’t usually the best when it comes to style and decorations; landlords usually put in there furniture they either don’t like or don’t use anymore so it can happen that style is quite eclectic.

Expensive apartments for rent las vegas have a nice golden elegant touch that makes you feel like you are living in Beyoncé’s apartment. But if you couldn’t afford one of those, things might be more tacky that elegant. If this is the case you should follow some simple suggestions to redecorate without spending a fortune. In Vegas you can find a lot of storage boxes companies so it will be easy to get one and put there anything you don’t like. You don’t need to be strict on this, but also you could get some little extra space that might come in handy if you are planning some fancy dinners during the holidays.

Once you got rid of anything you dislike, you could try to get some inspiration by remembering how the other apartments in Vegas looked like. Chances are realtors tried to convince you to get a much more elegant but expensive apartment, and that is where you could get some inspiration to redecorate yours. If you are into visiting flea markets, you can find there a lot of decadent pieces of furniture that would look perfectly in your house in Vegas. You need to recreate an elegant golden-ish style; the one you can find in casinos and luxurious hotels. It is Vegas after all; everyone is entitled to dare a little bit more than usual.

In these rental apartments in Las Vegas, usually the bedrooms are the worst part of the apartment. If anything in the apartment, screams tacky, the bedroom will probably be even tackier, even if you thought that couldn’t be possible. Of course, the first thing you should do is buying some decent linen in a neutral color. Midnight blue or even dark red, if you want to dare a little bit, are perfect colors for linen and if you are feeling like you want to indulge in something, you can always buy silk linen that are both elegant and sexy.

Also you should remember that even if you don’t like the apartment, it isn’t yours and you will spend there just a few weeks at the most so you shouldn’t do any conclusive because your landlord might get angry.